Embossed Leather

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Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag

 We love embossed leather and when this boho treat came tumbling out of our new Vintage Bag delivery there was a choral gasp of delight. We’re thinking that this is the must have festival bag of 2011 and here’s 5 reasons to prove it!;

  • It will fit all of your festival essentials in, mirror, hand gel, suncream and if you’re lucky a can of drink too!
  • Festival boho is going to be BIG this summer, so team with a floppy brimmed hat and maxi for the ultimate festival ensemble!
  • Brown is a no-failer when you’re romping round in mud all day long!
  • The over the shoulder strap will ensure that no-one will be thiefing your titbits!
  •  Embossed leather bags are becoming increasingly rare so you’re sure to be style spotted through the crowd in this vintage wonder!

We’ll be posting this and other divine vintage treats onto our NEW and shiny Vintage site faster than you can say “It’s vintage darling”!!




Vivenne ‘Ascot’ the power.

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Vivienne Westwood designs the Royal Ascot invitation 2011
Vivienne Westwood designs the Royal Ascot invitation 2011


Knock out Ginger

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After a bit of light hearted banter that was flying around Motel Vintage Towers today, I felt that as a natural Red Head of sorts, It was my duty to step up to the challenge that was inflicted upon me and to show that really Red, Auburn, Ginger, Strawberry Blonde, Carrot and whatever names may be hailed upon us, Red Head’s are the only true vintage conquerers!

Just this once I think it’s safe to say that the proof is in the biscuit rather than the pudding. (No points for guessing which biscuit)


We Know Who Wears The Trousers.

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Show ’em who’s boss with the Boyfriend Shirt

We love how these Super Vixens are doing it!

All images courtesy of lookbook.nu

To get your own Boyfriend Shirt today visit us at


God Save Our Gracious Queen!

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From this…

To this..!

We hope you have an Awfully Splendid Vintage Weekend.

With love from…. Motel Vintage


Yum Yum

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Dickie Bow Tee

Yes please


Once, Twice, Three, Four…. Times a Lady

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Here at Motel Vintage there’s nothing we like more than Vintage style incooperated with a modern twist or contemporary feel.

There’s one lady in our eyes who never lets us down.

Dita Von Teese

Vintage Dita

5 things we love about Dita

  • She has feminine curves to die for and she knows how to flatter them.
  • Her vintage inspired hair, we could find a lifetime of inspiration from her!
  • Her uniform red lips and pale skin. Ditch the fake tan and don the suncream ladies, it’s all about being a demure english rose!
  • Her ability to skip through decades, era’s and styles effortlessly whilst keeping a contemporary twist!
  • That we couldn’t choose which pictures to put up so we had to make a collage!! (sign of a true Motel Vintage icon!)

Feminine Dita